Good for basic knowlege for MRI

It’s perhaps more in-depth than one needs to pass the MRI registry, but once you read it (er, over and over), the book does a good job of making sense of highly complex material.

What disappoints me is the lack of practical information that a tech absolutely requires to excel, e.g., in-depth discussions on how to resolve wrap, artifact, etc. by considering the differing phase directions of all three imaging planes, FOV, application of sat bands, etc. These are the concepts I’ve had to work out in my head and discover completely on my own as a new tech–concepts far more valuable to my job than abstract discussions on k space and precessing photons.

I have a PhD specializing in MRI contrast agent. I would say this is a great book at the beginner to maybe intermediate level. Should be enough for a Masters’ degree. Its a great first step to understanding intricate complicated MR Physics. A lot of complex stuff is simplified here. Many advanced books explain even basic simple concepts using huge equations which can be intimidating for a lot of people – certainly was for me. This books does the exact opposite. It introduces you in a friendly way and keeps you engaged.
I highly recommend this book. Also its at a very economic price.

Cons: Has some minor typos, has some answers wrong – but you will figure it out easily.

The book, bought new, is in perfect condition aside from the slight fraying and peeling of the pages abd cover of the top left corner. The access code was not touched, which is why I bought new rather than used. The shipping was super quick and Im very satisfied with my purchase!

Hey this book is really helpful I’m still in the process of learning things but I know with time it will become clearer to understanding the benchtop nmr book. You guys have really made this book very detailed to where we could understand the material. The data, pictures, and videos are all a big help to many students out here who are taking upon themselves to become an MRI tech and this book is a plus. Thank you, you have Done a Good Deed!


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