Review Questions for MRI

I purchased this to help study for the registry. Unfortunately some of the question/answers are out of order. And some of the answers just plain wrong! For instance, SAR, on question 169, is specific absorbtion rate, NOT, susceptibility attack region as the answer states. If this was the only study guide I was using, that type of miss matches would really screw me up. I know that this guide is coming out in print in June 2013, hopefully this will have been caught. If not, buyer beware. Luckily I have been through an MRI contrast agent course and am not just using this review. If you haven’t, please invest in more study materials than just this guide. All in all,this could be much better, however I think it is the editing and not Ms Roth that is at fault. The information is present, it just seems to have gotten a bit jumbled.

Definitely one of the reasons I passed the registry test 1st time up. A simple book of questions with multiple choice answers. If you don’t understand why the answer is that particular answer you should cross reference with Small Animals MRI in Practice, MIC Crosstrainer or IACI Online to fully understand as these are NOT the exact registry questions, but gives you a good idea of what to expect and what to study. Definitely don’t make this your only study resource though as there’s a ton of theory and physics on the test that you need to understand not just regurgitate multiple choice answers.

I was rattled by the numerous errors contained in the first version. While this version has supposedly been corrected, novices like me would do well to proceed cautiously. I suppose there is some value in looking up the answers from an independent and more reliable source but I doubt most people buying a review book would want to do so

That being said, the book is comprehensive. Divided into four parts covering Patient Care, Imaging Procedures, Data Acquisition and Processing and Physical Principles of Image formation it also includes a glossary and a single MRI Calculations page. The bulk of the book contains questions including some with adequate if not exceptionally clear photographic images.

On its face, this book appears to be helpful. but neophytes might not recognize the errors so I would use care before relying on this source alone.

I have now purchased the ad version and the book itself but they both contain the same mistakes. I don’t think that anyone proof read the book before it was published. Answers are misnumbered and just plain wrong answers are given. It’s not very helpful when you are trying to study for the MRI boards. I have now spent $100 for both and still are looking up the correct answers. Not a review book from these two authors I expected to get.


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