Applications of NMR Spectroscopy

Applications of NMR Spectroscopy, Volume 1, originally published by Bentham and now distributed by Elsevier, presents the latest developments in the field of NMR spectroscopy, including the analysis of edible oils and lipid content in foods, the role of NMR spectroscopy in the human metabolomics and the diagnosis of autism-related disorders, protein-protein interactions, and NMR spectroscopy of chiral molecules.

The fully illustrated chapters contain comprehensive references to the recent literature. The applications presented cover a wide range of the field, such as drug development, medical imaging and diagnostics, food science, mining, petrochemical, process control, materials science, and chemical engineering, making this resource a multi-disciplinary reference with broad applications.

The content is ideal for readers who are seeking reviews and updates, as it consolidates scientific articles of a diverse nature into a single volume. Sections are organized based on disciplines, such as food science and medical diagnostics. Each chapter is written by eminent experts in the field.

Consolidates the latest developments in NMR spectroscopy into a single volume
Authored and edited by world-leading experts in spectroscopy
Features comprehensive references to the most recent related literature
More than 75 illustrations aid in the retention of key concepts

PQ001 Oil Moisture Content NMR Analyzer for Seeds

Product Description
The PQ001 NMR Analyzer was launched in 2008. After years of upgrading, PQ001 has many advantages such as small size, high precision, good repeatability, good stability and excellent cost/benefit performance. Based on these advantages, PQ001 has been widely used in the determination of oil & moisture content in food & agriculture areas.

Basic Parameters
  • Magnet type: permanent magnet
  • Magnetic field intensity: 0.28±0.05T
  • Probe coil: Ø40mm
  • Size (LxWxH): 1685mm×520mm×386mm
  • Weight: 85Kg



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