NMR Solid Fat Content Analyzer

The determination of solid fat content (SFC) by NMR analysis is recognized by the international standards. Niumag has been dedicated to research and develop NMR PQ001 SFC Analyzer which offers the determination of SFC values and presentation of the melting curve with non-destructive, fast and accurate measurements.

Solid Fat Content (SFC) is generally accepted analysis of fats and oils in the food industry. The traditional extraction methods for SFC determination are slow, irreproducible and require additional chemicals. Direct measurements of SFC by NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) provides quick and accurate determination of SFC value. NMR as method of fats and oils analysis is included in the following international standards:

  • AOCS Cd 16b-93 revised in 2000 (in USA)
  • ISO 8292 (in Europe)

Solid Fat Content determination by benchtop NMR is based on direct ratio measuring between the solid and liquid parts of the sample.


The PQ001 SFC NMR Analyzer was launched in 2008. After years of upgrading, PQ001 has many advantages such as small size, high precision, good repeatability, good stability and excellent cost/benefit performance. Based on these advantages, PQ001 has been widely used in the determination of Solid Fat Content.

Basic Parameters:
  • Magnet: permanent magnet
  • Magnetic field intensity: 0.5±0.08T
  • Probe: Ø10mm
  • Size (L x W x H): 1685mm×520mm×386mm;
  • Weight: 134Kg;

  • Determination of solid fat content(Cocoa butter, Margarine and butter etc.)




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