Using NMR Analysis for Food Process & Production

Quality control for consistency of food and beverage products is of prime concern to manufacturers and consumers alike. Ensuring that produce looks, smells and tastes good, means consumers come back for more.With an ever-growing population demanding more food than ever before, simple, repeatable, instrumental test methods are required which quickly provide data from the factory, which allows a sustainable, secure supply of good quality food to the consumer.

Measuring Fat and Oil in Food
Fat and oil play a key role in determining the nutritional value, product quality and consumer appeal of food products.

Oil content in snack foods Measuring Oil in Snack Food
Careful control of oil in snack food is essential in ensuring product consistency in the fast growing global snack food industry.

Triglycerides in foods Fatty Acid Composition of Triglycerides
Fatty acid composition of oils and fats is important for health, polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 oils are generally considered to be good for health.

Using Benchtop NMR for Meat Speciation
In recent years there have been a number of scandals involving fraudulent mislabelling of meat in the human food sales chain.

Solid fat content in foods Measuring Solid Fat Content (SFC)
The measurement of SFC within the baking, confectionary and margarine industries is essential as fats are crucial to many processed foodstuffs.

Oil and water in seeds Measuring Oil and Water in Seeds
Levels of oil and water in seeds are critical parameters which need to be understood at all stages of production.


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