Solid Fat Content Benchtop Analyzer System

In many industries there is a requirement to accurately, reliably and simply measure the amount of a viscous or liquid component in the presence of other solid materials. The PQ001 meets this requirement with a technology that avoids the needs to separate the different phases; making sample preparation trivial, removes the need for extensive operator training, and provides fast accurate results. That means a more consistent product from your manufacturing operations, better process control, and reduced costs.

Our development and applications teams have created industry-specific applications for the following:

Lubricant on fibre, yarn or textile – spin finish, oil pick up (OPU), finish on yarn (FOY), avivage
Oil content of oil seeds
Oil content of snack foods
Oil and fat content of foodstuffs
Solid Fat Content (SFC)

The PQ001 nmr analyzer is not just a benchtop system or mini NMR system; it is a dedicated analyzer providing a complete solution off the shelf. With easy installation, comprehensive calibration and calibration transfer standards, the PQ001 is ready for use within minutes. This approach is a result of Bruker`s extensive experience in these dedicated applications.


The PQ001 analyzers come complete, ready-to-install, with calibration standards and traceable multi-language software. The installation instructions can get easier than this: place the PQ001 on your lab bench, connect only two cables: the Ethernet cable to your PC and the power cord, switch it on and in 30 seconds the PQ001 is operational.

Better for your Laboratory

Nowadays, laboratory space is precious. The current version of PQ001 has a smaller footprint than its predecessor, thus requiring less valuable space on your laboratory bench. Moreover, the PQ001 is a quiet-runner, its low decibel operation noise will keep your laboratory quiet.

Performance You Can Rely On
Precise and long-term stable results can only be achieved with an optimal system layout. The PQ001 with its all-in-one design perfectly matches these requirements. Both long-term and short-term measurement stabilities for the application of interest have continually been improved further. The system`s internal temperature is kept at a constant higher than room temperature (typically, but not limited to 40 °C) to within a 1/100 of a degree Celsius to guarantee optimal performance in a 24/7 operation.


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