Cryogenic Nanopore NMR Analyzer

NMRC12 series is a NMR-based nano-pore analyzer used to study the pore structure and distribution of porous materials. The determination of pore distribution can be measured and calculated by applying the relationship between the pore size and the freezing point of pore fluid. This NMR technique could be used to monitor the phase transition in pore fluid in real time and the detection range of pore size falls in 2 to 500 nm if appropriate fluid samples are chosen.

Application Indexes

Temperature range: – 30 0C~ 40 0C/ – 50 0C~ 40 0C (accuracy: ± 0.01 0C);

Cooling rate:10C / min;

Sample volume: 0.5 cm3 ~ 1 cm3;

Pore size: 2 nm ~ 500 nm.

Static fluid in pores improves the accuracy and resolution during the measuring course of cryogenic NMR method;

The modular gas supply system provides a stable and dry air flow as the media, which reduces signal minimum and can work for a long period of time;

Ultra-low temperature thermostat system at – 60 0C gurantees a stable cooling source which can cool down the air flow quickly and stablize it;

Two-stage heating resistors heat the sample chamber rapidly and control the temperature precisely;

NMR analyzer system with mature technology and full NMR capabilities: stable magnetic field, short dead time, and high SNR;

Probe designed for low temperature isolates the heat exchanges between sample chamber and the magnet effectively;

The powerful software with friendly user interface offers a fully automated solution including calculation, temperature setting, sampling, and data process plus figure exporting.


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