MicroMR Rock Core NMR Analyzer

MicroMR hardware configurations range from 2MHz to 5MHz operating frequency, and cover sample sizes from standard 1” or 1.5” plugs up to full size (6”) cores. Pulsed field gradients are available as an option for measurements based on diffusion or imaging, and all versions are compatible with overburden cells offered by third party manufacturers.

A primary goal of MicroMR is to make NMR core analysis measurements accessible to non-NMR experts. To this end, various levels of software capability are matched with and integrated into the hardware options to enable MicroMR users to be productive whatever the level of their NMR knowledge.

Entry level MicroMR Systems come complete with LithoMetrix™ software which carries out the more routine functions such as T1 and T2-based pore size distributions, porosity, and fluid mobility measurements such as Free Fluid Index (FFI), Bound Volume Irreducible (BVI) and Clay Bound Water (CBW). Higher performance hardware is matched with greater software capability including hydrogen index, permeability and fluid typing by 2-D data mapping.

MicroMR systems allows users to obtain Pc measurements 5 times faster, while getting up to 10 times as many data points per scan, compared to traditional measurement techniques.

All MicroMR systems also allows measurements to be made up to four times faster, with echo spacings (TE) several times shorter, than in previous instruments.

Short echo spacings are essential for measurements on tight rock core NMR  and shales, which have a high proportion of small pores. This allows for the correct representation of the pore size distribution and provides accurate porosity measurements.


Improved Performance

  • Signal to Noise doubled compared to previous generation instruments – lets you collect better data in the same time, or collect your data four times faster.
  • Better data for tight rocks – improved measurement of fluids in smaller pore spaces, by substantially decreasing acquisition times and allowing very short echo times.
  • Fastest, most accurate capillary pressure measurement on the market – the patented GIT-CAP measurement is 5 times faster than the traditional special centrifuge method, while providing 10 times more data points, without destroying the core.

Modularity throughout the rock core analyzer

  • Core sizes from 1” to 6”.
  • Magnets from 2 MHz for optimum well log calibration to 5 MHz for the best diffusion and imaging experiments.
  • 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D gradients for diffusion studies.
  • High performance, modular electronics, with a range of options for various performance levels.
  • Multi-level software, matching capability to requirements, from new user to advanced research.