The EDUMR virtual data acquisition and image reconstruction teaching software is a low-field magnetic resonance analyzing and imaging simulation system combining NMR and MRI system all in one. By using this virtual NMR analyzer signal acquisition and image processing software, we can easily build up a teaching platform, and the realistic teaching of NMR principles and techniques become much more achievable. The virtual magnetic resonance imaging system can simulate the entire process. With the parameter driven interface users can select imaging sequence, the original level and imaging technology, carry out the relevant data collection process and perform K space filling of reconstructed images. The use of virtual systems allows many students to learn simultaneously without the need to invest in expensive hardware or several supervisors to train users.



Perform virtual sequence selection, parameter adjustment, data acquisition, K space filling, image reconstruction function; The influence of magnetic field in homogeneity and electronic noise can be simulated; Minimal investment in hardware is an advantage; Perform fat suppression imaging; Perform water suppression imaging; Perform Bounce-point Imaging; Perform Half-Fourier scanning &Imaging; Overcomes the problem of long time of acquisition through inadequate instrumentation; More than four pulse sequences (SE sequence), FSE sequence, IR sequence, GRE sequence) can be used for virtual imaging data collection; Observe how the scan parameters affect the image; Minimize the impact of gradient eddy current, analog acquisition in severe T2-weighted images; Adjust the data acquisition to a normal speed and a very-fast speed.