Solid Fat Content NMR Measurement

Solid Fat Content is the percentage of solids in fat at specified temperatures. Solid Fat Content (SFC) is an important characteristic that can influence appearance, flavor release, melt rate, shelf life and stability of fat based food products. In the chocolate industry it is desirable to manufacture products with the ideal Solid Fat Content that will allow for chocolate to remain solid at room temperature, but still give consumers that “melt in your mouth” experience. Knowing various characteristics of your product from solid fat content allows you to direct your manufacturing processes in a way that achieves the highest quality products.

The measurement of solid fat content (SFC) within the baking, confectionary and margarine industries is crucial as fats are a key component in many processed foodstuffs produced within these industries. Fats are complex ingredients which play a key role in nutrition and consumer appeal of products. Measurement of solid fat content (SFC) is the industry standard approach to understanding the melting behaviour of edible oils and fats. The reason this is so important is that the melting profile of fats is one of the parameters which must be carefully controlled to ensure consistent products.

Solid Fat Content (SFC) determination is of prime importance for food processing and development.
Raw materials like fat compositions or blends need to be characterized and controlled according to their melting profiles. The SFC determination by time domain (TD) NMR analysis is the internationally recognized standard method. In a close partnership with the oil & fat industry spanning more than 4 decades we has developed its dedicated SFC Analyzer. All types of SFC methods are supported by the PQ001,including direct/indirect and parallel/serial methods.
The TD-NMR analysis provides a quick, non-destructive and solvent-free measurement. We also offers a fully automated solution including tempering procedures,NMR analyzer measurement, and determination of the SFC value plus presentation of the melting curve.
Solid Fat Content analysis is important for food manufacturers that produce fat based food products. Dynalene provides reliable solid fat content analysis with a quick turnaround time. With our top of the line DSC, Dynalene has the ability to test your fat based foods.